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John Allen John Allen
A USATT certified National level coach for more than ten years, a certified Regional level coach for twenty years and long time active coach and player.  Served as USATT’s National Coaching Chairman for five years.  I have coached players of all ages and skill levels, from five years to seventy years old, from beginners to national champions.
Steve Bennett
Steve Banet
Certified USATT Regional Coach
Certified USATT State Coach (7+ years)

I’m a shakehand player with unique offensive & defensive style, and have championed many state and regional level singles, doubles and hardball titles.

Tony Miller
Tony Miller
Certified USATT Club Coach
Certified USATT Regional Umpire
Shakehand Player
I formed an active table tennis club in Thomasville GA in 2010. Also, umpired national level (eg., US Open-Men’s Singles Quarterfinal) matches.
Designated US Open photographer for US Open 2014.


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